Experience staying at the Hotel Senses Rantepao, Toraja Land

Experience staying at the Hotel Senses Rantepao

This is a trip to Toraja trip first time for MB if I already twice but it’s been a long time I think my early College semester times I even had forgotten that used to be everywhere. Nginapnya else not in the hotel but cheap guesthouse in a sort of disposable rame rame.

His three-day trip 2 nights, a day before leaving for my busy new driver asked my Office are original from the land of Toraja, the point we want to get a hotel with reasonable rate aka cheap but not cheap, well how to get his tips? ask at the original, people who often play to the Toraja, of course the driver who likes to be impromptu task, because they have a subscription between guests or employees that trip there. I was googling some hotels in Rantepao.

Wonderful stay at Hotel Senses Rantepao

We chose the city of Rantepao as a destination because of all of the attractions can be reached from close range. Closest 4 km and most distant 30 km is the hotel vacation Layout. Jl. Landorundun No. 63, Tana Toraja Tana Toraja, Indonesia. Distance from Makassar to Toraja Land district of about 350 km away, reached by ground vehicles around 8 hours. If you want to be able to ride comfortably luxurious air-conditioned tourist bus fares 280 thousands can already blankets everything and comfortable bus fleet. But I prefer to bring their own vehicles because just four and five the same ber driver so if anyone can taste good vehicles where where. If bus ride ya have to rent a car again donk there and rent a car in Toraja was kind of cars per day to 500 k/day £ Avanza already include gasoline and beyond tour guide if with tour guide Yes 900 k/day. Create expensive if we had to use rental cars there. Crushed wallet hahahha.

Advanced reserved a place to stay while in the land of Toraja, after checking some of the hotels I finally direct phone Hotelndra, kok structure similar to the name of my friend well … strategic location near from where where, beside it there are important not because of this hahahha I’m not hooked into the pub and the ATM is very penting and not far from it there is a Mosque also MB even had time in Congregation in the mosque Fajr solah , continued near the market anyway.

2-storey structure with a roof typical of Toraja hotel wall made of gamacca, Gamacca is woven from bamboo by a community of Bugis Makassar is usually used as the walls of the House. a kind of wall the nuanced color rattan Wicker Chair Wicker Chair any of his lobby. Ratenya passable for a twin room was £ 366K (include tax) which a single rather expensive more 400. Be my booking for two nights for two rooms, because our trip with a friend whose husband people India, pair Rahul & Kajol. Couples double date us to trip at Malino last month.

For drivers because he had family there so nginapnya in his family, continues now to her room pretty lah, there’s TV Tube TV still though, there is a bathroom with hot and cold water is certainly. No AC Yes Toraja not need AIR CONDITIONING, temperature range 26 Celsius every day. Cool lah despite still wearing sweaters every day does not make sweaty kayaking in Makassar that are hot.

Continue to free wifi too, for breakfast on the first day of the menu provide, fried rice and fresh bread and the second day red fried rice, fresh bread and fruit of course there are tea and coffee. The hotel forms an open middle section and there is a small garden with garden fish pond and Aquarium there so tasteless adem is green.

Charming hotel in Tanah Toraja

The waiter also kind, friendly was almost passable, and Charge us a bit distracted with other young guests who come and stay at the second floor every night it seems rame roommate’s more than two people deh and they joked to midnight the other guests would feel disturbed.

If you want a hotel that had a swimming pool not far from the hotel there are Senses Hotel Lutha, the hotel recently and of course charge also this 700k/night. If the service is allowed to be yes but if invisible mending personal search make ngos ngosan in wallet.

Anyways while at our Toraja Just behind the bed and the bath and breakfast and back again, oh yes one thing we think is exceptional in this Sensory Hotel, we set off from Makassar it is 8 pm and got to the Rante Pao hours of 4 a.m., and immediately checked in, and right of entry limit for check In may in the morning yes usually should be after 12 hours but we already sleepy daze want where Yes to hotel, though its staff members with sleepiness terkantuk good-natured accepts us. Alhamdlulilah Yes … Although not yet the next morning breakfast was not one that could’ve original resting place several hours. For details to the official For which you want to set fee is affordable and easy access where where ya HIT it only if you want mahalan yuk walk alone to the hotel Lutha Just 10 meters across the street.

And every morning there is a guide who stand by to sit occasionally offered his services as well and a lot of sharing any attractions that should be visited, passable AIDS so later if it took a certain ritual info could ask him or if there are friends need a local guide can contact him, his name is Mr. Andriano, please share his mobile number 081355389718, who knows there’s a need in the land of Toraja local guide please contact. He can also arrange trips to the village village, tracking guests langga.

contact offical hotel via : Hotel Murah Jombang


Foods rich in protein as an energy source

Foods rich in protein as an energy sourcelittle to contain foods high protein is most needed by the Agency, make you muscle growth. Yg high protein protein source will ease you got amino acid intake of other nutrients & yg very, very major in the body. Animal meat has protein that have fungsi protein nabati most high if we compare along with vegetables, vegetable akan tetapi also have a higher fat content.


Meat. Animal meat is very used to you because the growth of old top meat protein should you select. beef or goat meat daily protein would be sure you create. In 100 grams of beef contained 14 grams of protein in 100 gr mutton there is 27 grams of protein, and proteins mutton & contained absolute nutrition nutrients such as iron, vit B12, selenium & phosphorus.

Chicken Meat
Chicken meat as protein content would, in 3 ounce ready 27 grams of protein. Not only that Turkey and chicken meat is a good source of protein is very lucrative. For nutrition nutrition try not in reason may contain less fat not oil. We are able to cook it into a gravy soup with fresh vegetables wrote forward.

The protein in an egg very high quality have any essential amino acids yg it have very fitting to meet the interests of nutrition to the body. One egg contains more or less big size 6.3 grams of protein, 1.5 grams of protein in the whites of their eggs & 1.7 grams of egg yolk proteins. Create a reply had high levels of kolestrol should choose fat-free egg whites dikarnakan & kolesterolnya free. But egg yolks contain saturated fat does little & cholesterol by thus mengosumsi yellow eggs cannot be exaggerated. Although egg yolks contain cholesterol but also readily iron & vitamin D good for most bone you.

One glass of milk ready skimnya 8 gr protein. protein that milk outside also provides calcium yg high. calcium i.e. type minerals create absolutely shockingly yg maintain solid bone. You will drink a glass of milk at breakfast time along with continued low fat cheese & yg fried sunflower seeds & strowberri fruit create healthy meals you wrote with protein content high.

Fish a fish type once many provide high protein. One serving 3 ounces of tuna contains 22 grams of protein, But for fish salmonnya contain 19 grams of protein in 3 ounces. Marine fish contain omega-3 fatty acids yg is very good for heart health, you also have fish & fat content & cholesterol lower when compared alongside the beef or mutton.

It is estimated that in the world there are 5,000 edible crab species human. yg & The crab was very very known karna has high protein content & shockingly good eaten create a child in the season of growth. Crabs as food sources of vitamins, low-fat calorie has little &. Crab contains essential fatty acids, including iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium phosphorus &. crab also contains not a few main nutrition nutrition however we must be berhatai careful in consuming these foods contain cholesterol caused yg high.

Protein as an energy source

Food know not foreign to us, know our country food i.e. the yg almost usually exist against our daily food menu. Know one of the best yg food protein 4 ounces of tofu contains about 10 grams of protein. The price is fairly cheap as well as make yg know food substitute for beef proteins mutton & chicken.

Our food is very popular in this yg dimasyarakat. delicious mushrooms taste & and known to have very high protein content. Mushrooms contain nutrients such as iron, selenium, potassium, riboflavin, copper asampantotenat, pula, any mushroom & danseng. very, very low in calories then really matching your yg want to lower the weight of our body. You designate cooking so various kinds of foods like sauteed mushrooms or mushroom soup any time interoperation.

Almound nuts
almound bean is found to have the same protein content another food joint, in 100 gr. beans almound contains 22 grams of protein. Not Just it’s almonds and contained fat yg shockingly good for the heart.

Apples can you consume both in raw state. 2 medium-size apples menagandung approximately 0.60 gr protein. & jikadibuang her skin give 0.30 gr protein.
The Mangosteen Fruit.
This purple fruit contains 0.5 grams of protein per 100 gr. 1 mangosteen contains 0.89 grams protein.

Mandarin pun tajir protein content. a Supreme sized oranges contains 1 gram of protein.

Banana fruit
Banana fruit of our food has the usefulness of yg does little for the health of you. Banana fruit contain 4 grams of protein per 100 grams.

Blueberry Fruit
Blueberries contain high protein also tajir & vitamin mineral fruit & Blueberries provide in the many extant kalengnya for example, sweet, fresh, mentahdan syrup. one fruit bowl blueberries contain 1.10 g protein …

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